The Area Director of the Year award recognizes an Area Director whose outstanding service, dedication, commitment, and area team significantly contributed toward achieving the district mission. Two awards will be presented.

  • Area Director of the Year – Urban (majority of Clubs in City of Winnipeg or within a 40 km radius of the Perimeter Highway)
  • Area Director of the Year – Rural (majority of Clubs outside a 40 km radius of the Perimeter Highway)

Nomination form: Area Director of the Year (opens in a new window as a PDF)

The following members of District 64 have been recognized as Area Director of the Year (called Area Governor of the Year up to 2014-15)

Year Presented    
1979 Larry Washen  
1980 Sue Peckover  
1981 Dianna Derksen  
1982 Linda Briggs  
1983 Eugene Schneider  
1984 Jim Fethers  
1985 Liz Wyness  
1986 Pat Lawrence Rudi Peters
1987 Randy Penner  
1988 Ken Whatman Shelley Morris
1990 Judy Single Bob Hunter
1991 Darlene O’Brian  
1992 Edith Weger  
1993 Marg Larcombe April Neave
1994 Joanne Bunney David Young
1995 Lynne Quaye Val Brown
1996 Sherri Wood Penny Symons
1997 Jean-Marie Webb Lillian Rummery
1998 Lucy Cummings Harland Bell
1999 Manuelita Mejos Patrick Furkalo
2000 Bev Richardson Oddny Craner
2001 Dianne Boulay Harry Hobbs
2002 Carol Runions Elaine Stewart
2003 Donalda Walker Murray Smith
2004 Donna Davidson Delilah Buchart
2005 Andrew Tunny Edward Alexander
2006 Ken Hartz Raymond MacIsaac
2007 Jane Moxam  
2008 Roger Woloshyn Bill Daciw
2009 David Woodcock LeRae Rigney
2010 Dawn Kelley Wallace Greenlay
2011 Dorian Kent Ingrid Piper
2012 Raymond Dyck Sajid Khan
2013 Flora Schalla Monica Zurrin
2014 John Sigurdson Kay Shewfelt-Boyd
2015 Meaghan Buchanan Laurette Greenlay
2016 Nathan Peto Ingrid Reid
2017 Katherine Peters Ken Hartz